VHSCombi/DVDRec Conn to LCD problem Help!



My previous post only posted the heading!!!
I have just bought a Panasonic TX26LXD52. Brilliant!
I am having problems connecting my Panasonic DVD Recorder and Hitachi Combi.
The aerial is connected through the Combi to the DVD Rec and then to the TV and works OK
I connected both units separately via Scart leads from AV1 to AV2 & 4 on the TV and both units play & record separately OK.
However I want to record from TV to VHS and then edit and transfer to DVD & vice versa
I tried connecting various AV outlets from the Combi to Various AV inlets on the DVD recorder but when I tried to record I got the message “Read Only”.
I then connected the AV1 out on the Combi to the AV2 in on the DVD recorder and the AV1 Out on the DVD to AV2 on the TV so that the Combi and the DVD recorder are connected in series to the TV and it works!
I can record on VHS and DVD from the TV and I can record VHS to DVD and DVD to VHS. HOWEVER! Here is the problem!
There appears to be a conflict of interests between the combi and the DVD Recorder when they are not actually playing or recording. If I am a bit slow starting, then the LCD screen starts to flash and the sound drums dramatically and frightens me to death. I am afraid that this phenomenon may do some damage to my lovely new Panny!
Is there anyone out there who has experienced this problem? Better still is there anyone who has a similar setup and hasn’t experienced this problem and can advise how I should connect up.

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