VHS will not record on panasonic dmr-ez47veb


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Jun 12, 2007
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Hello there,

I'm hoping that someone will be able to help as on previous occasions. Basically the record function does not work in so far that I hear the sound but the picture is black with grey lines wandering up and down.

This has happened when I have recorded from my tv and also if I attempt to copy from a DVD to VHS. Furthermore I've recorded on the DVD without any problems.

Can anyone please help?

Are the videotapes you are trying to archive commercial (i.e. bought) tapes - or TV recordings you have made yourself on blank tapes? And when trying the other way, are the DVDs you are trying to copy to tape commercial DVDs or DVD recordings you have made yourself from the TV?

If commercial it's not surprising, the tape (and DVD) producers do use macrovision copy-protection to stop you making copies of tapes/discs, and DVD recorders (and VCRs) won't record something which is macrovision protected. If they are blank tapes/discs that you have recorded stuff on yourself, then that is not the problem.
These are blank tapes which have previously worked successfully both in terms of copying from another DVD and from my tv. I'm sure this is little finger (I.e. Daughter) related but I can't think how...

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