VHS VCR: Panasonic, Sony or other brands?



I recently bought a Panasonic NV-HS830 SVHS VCR to replace an older Panasonic model I had. I had hoped this would be the last VCR I would have to buy but my second VCR (an Akai) broke down soon afterwards, so I need to get something to replace it. The VCR will primarily used for copying tapes so recording quality is my main concern, followed by playback quality. SVHS quasi-playback would be a bonus but I'm willing to sacrifice that for
better recording quality. The two models I'm considering are the Panasonic FJ630 and the Sony SLVSE720. At the moment I'm more inclined towards the Panasonic but the earlier model of the Sony (the SLVSE710) got some outstanding reviews so I'm wondering if that might be the one to go for?

Local shops also have the following models in the same price range as the two above, many of which seem to be older models that they're clearing out their stocks of:

Panasonic NVSD-240
Thomson VTH-6210V
Philips VR-730
Toshiba V631
Toshiba MX904E

I just scribbled down the model numbers when I was in the shops so there might be some errors in them. I've been unable to find out any information at all about these ones, so any advice would be very welcome.

Jonny B Goode

Baiscally these days with VCRs if you want good quality you have to buy the highest spec.

So buy the Highest spec Panasonic or Sony. Sony don't make S-VHS vcrs so maybe you should invest in a second S-VHS deck and get a panasonic.

I've got two JVC S-VHS decks, very useful indeed, and I suspect I'll still use them when I eventually buy a DVD recorder as well.

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