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I want to VHS copy home movies to DVD on my PC

My PC Has 'video-in' connection. Is this likely to be VGA, or better quality than that?

What lead should I use, based on SCART output from video recorder?

The Video-in connection will be either S-Video (round Din plug) and/or composite (phono). The quality of S-Video is best, but VHS VCR's will not be able to use this, only an S-VHS VCR will, otherwise the picture will be in B&W. Therefore you are almost certainly going to need to use the standard phono socket. This will not be best quality, but is likely to be the only option that will work.
To connect to a PC you will need a scart to 3 phono (Red/White & Yellow) lead. The red & White leads will need to be connected to the soundcard input via a 2 phono to stereo jack adaptor. The yellow phono will connect to the video-in.
If you do have an S-VHS VCR then you can replace the above lead with a Red & White phono plus yellow din to scart lead.

Scart leads are directional so make sure the lead you get is marked as 'signal into scart' or is switchable.


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