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Having purchased 2 excellent pieces of kit using advice from these forums (AE500 pj & HK2550 dvd player) I'm hoping to make it a hat-trick: I looking for the easiest solution to copying camcorder compact VHS tapes to DVD; is there an effective 'one-box' solution on the market or will I need to buy a dvd recorder & VHS player (existing VHS players old & poor spec). All opinion & recommendations gratefully received (I'm completely new to dvd recorders & more than slightly confused by the different flavours....)

thanks in advance.


If you have any working VCR then I would use that as the quality of your tapes will be low, and new VCR's are often very poor quality these days as no companies put that much effort into making new machines.
You can get just about any DVD recorder as you will only be transfering you tapes via the very basic composite connection that they all have.

The decision as to which DVD recorder you buy will be decided by what you will use it for after you have copied your old VHSC tapes. ie if you now have a new digital cam (or will be getting one) then you will be best getting a recorder with a firewire input.



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If you still have the original camcorder that you recorded the VHS-C tapes to, then use this to source them from as it should give you slightly better quality than a VCR.


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ever consider getting someone to copy them to dvd for you? To save me the time and hassle I contacted www.ontodvd.com. I sent them one tape for a test and was delighted with the results. Their charges are a good bit lower than others.


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Thanks Folks: excellent advice from one & all. I never thought of using the cam-corder; I must search out the connection leads. I also noticed a JLIP connection (whatever that is) so I'm looking for the manual to see if this offers a viable output. After I've copied these tapes (too many to send to www.ontodvd.com although their prices & service look excellent) I'll probably want to store digital pics (when I get a digital camera).

Anyone care to recommend a good (budget/mid-range) dvd recorder with a firewire input?

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