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Having just ordered a Panasonic E85 I have been looking at the threads regarding Commercial VHS to DVD backup.
I note that many replies recommend using a special Scart to Scart to overcome the Macrovision protection but I can't find any reference as to where to purchase these leads.
Any help would be gratefully received
Many Thanks


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I was going to suggest Lektropacks but I just read this on their site:

It has been brought to our attention that a copyright directive has been implemented into UK law on 31/10/03 which now makes the manufacture & sale of products/devices primarily designed to remove Macrovision's copy protection illegal therefore it is with regret that we feel it necessary to withdraw our Replica 1 & Replica 3 units from sale.


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I do my VHS to PC via the Pinnacle PCTV stereo card (£45 at www.cclcomputers.biz), then to dvd. It makes no mention of Macro at all in the blurb. The results are great.

Hope this helps.


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pgayler said:
Sorry to show my ignorance

Will the Macro master allow me to copy from VHS to DVD (DMR-E55) or does it only work the other way DVD to VHS ?

I have been waiting for ages for the Techtronics cable to be in stock, and am now looking for an alternative, so that i can make backup copies of my original vhs which have macrovision onto dvd for safe keeping.
It works (or, in my case, worked :rolleyes: ) like a charm
I used it for copying VCR's to the dvdr.

I'll have to phone them and see if they'll replace it, as I still have videos to finish.



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I do have a strange one with my VCR though in that it doesnt seem to have enough power output from the scart socket to support the signal except when a tape is playing. Not a problem at all, but a little weird.

Slight concern is that I do seem to get some oddities in colour. skin tones seem to change from reddish to greenish in a sort of cyclical fashion - even when the tape is paused. Again this could be because the power output from the VCR is not sufficient for a stable signal.

I need to find out what the power adapter costs or if I can use a standard multiadapter.

You need to be aware that the cable is directional though, so if you want both VCR to DVD and DVD to VCR you will need to keep swapping the cable over. A pain for me as they are in a cabinet.

I think I am just going to replace my 10 year old VCR with a DVD/VCR combo with macrovision disabled in the firmware which means no special cables required and DVD-HDD/DVD copies possible, and a much simpler life in general...


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Thanks for your advice, just placed an order, despatched tomorrow should receive it recorded delivery on Saturday, £27.99 inclusive of postage (gold plated version only).
Lets see if it works.
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