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Apologies if this is the wrong section, i did look and this seemed the closest to my question.

I have a copyright protected purchased from a shop years ago TV comedy on VHS which was never, and will never be brought out onto DVD.

It's called Barry Welsh The Second Coming, a hilarious but not very well known comedy produced by HTV Wales. Annoyingly the first video they made called 'Barry Welsh The Cream' was brought out on DVD and VHS, but the second video was only ever done on VHS - which seems backward if you ask me.

I would really love to be able to watch this again without finding my old VHS player and plugging it in when i have no space to neatly store it.

Whenever i email companies that transfer stuff to digital they just aren't interested, which i understand to a point, but this is such a niche, not well known program i'd like someone to help me out.

I've looked into TV capture cards for my laptop but to me they all look like cheap Chinese crap that won't come with reliable software to capture it, and i refuse to spend £100's to watch the one VHS tape!

Can someone help?


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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.....

A PC capture card will not allow a copy protected material to be captured and rules of this forum do not permit discussion of copyright violation I’m afraid. Looks like you got to keep your old VHS player (until the heads wear out, anyway) :D


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Barry Welsh, alias John Sparkes, what a character! He now narrates on Peppa Pig and also had a voice part in Farmageddon the Shawn the Sheep movie. There is quite a lot of his work in clips on You Tube.


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If your VHS player is working???? - better check it, it may have croaked as the years pass. Ran ANOther tape through a few times to get the lubrication going, - but avoid a "head-cleaner" at least until you think it's essential.
To convert copyright material is illegal as yr purchase will have a header that "blocks" the recorder (( e.g a DVD recorder that will accept SCART in-put ( or some say, better= Svideo = awkward round connector with tiny pins - a step-up? to SCART ).
I've managed to do this if you wind past the opening credits, but that may have been poorly protected. A DVD-version should be higher quality and would be the best to view. ..... while saving you the agro of conversion - odd that it was not released . . . is there a "Fan-Club" that knows Why?
DVD Recorders are all but unavailable - - - - - s/h, I bought a second Sony ( with HDMI o/p), but since the earlier one, Sony wrecked it with stupid menu options . . . presumably "by customer demand" - Eh?
An alternative when we are out of "Lock-Down" ( that Virus).... try a Film-making club - some Members may have such gear they no-longer use....
Sadly, if yr VHS m/c isn't working you'll have to buy s/h - I'm thinking they aren't made nowadays . . . Expect to pay v.little like £25.... but any G'tee is .. . .

Good Luck.

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