VHS recorder not connecting properly to DVD recorder


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I have been recording VHS tapes onto an LG DVD recorder. The set up is via a 3 way scart junction with input to the DVD recorder which in turn is linked to the TV. I switch between input depending on whether I want the VHS signal, the Cable TV signal or a 2nd DVD player signal. So all signals to my TV come via the DVD recorder.

Up to the last time I did this (2 weeks ago) the set up was working fine and I was able to record from VHS to the DVD recorder hard disc. Nothing has knowingly been changed to the set up since then.

However when I tried to do a recording from the VHS player this morning I was not getting a proper signal from the VHS recorder. There were squiggly lines coming through suggesting it was at least connecting but no video or sound. I tried an alternative tape in case it had somehow got wiped but same story. I tried a different scart lead, ditto. I also tried switching over the scart leads into different sockets on the 3 way scart junction. A socket that worked fine for the cable TV input had the same problem with the VHS input appearing to send a signal through but not showing sound or picture.

I am coming to the conclusion it may be a problem with the VHS player but before I go and spend £35 on an ebay replacement I just wondered if anyone could offer any suggestions. My only thoughts are that somehow the setting on the DVD recorder have got changed so it doesn't recognise a VHS signal but I don't really understand stuff like bitstream, PCM, sampling frequencies and don't really want to understand them unless someone tells me that might be the problem!


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Update- tried a suggestion I hadn't thought of doing by plugging the scart lead from the VHS recorder direct to the TV. The TV seemed to recognise the scart by changing input to "ext" but again no signal.


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The symptoms you describe (squiggly lines) coming from the VCR is characteristic of a blocked / dirty video head. There is also a smaller possibility of head failure.

If you can clean the heads - do so... but by their nature tape heads are self-cleaning to a degree and if you leave a tape running through it for a couple of hours, it might come clear again.
If not then it will definitely require a thorough clean.


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Thanks for your advice. The cleaning the head didn't do the trick but your analysis was pretty accurate as it does seem to have been down to the VHS player and head failure (or something failure anyway) because I got a new VHS recorder and everything working fine now.

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