I am looking to get a new VCR, but should I go for the Panasonic Nvhs830bs SVHS or the Sony SLVSE820 VHS?
I will only use the VCR for occasional TV recordings as I mainly use TiVo, and watching the occasional prerecorded VHS film that I have yet to buy on DVD.
I will also use the VCR for making copies of videos that I have edited from my camcorder on my PC. I do not (YET!) have a DVD burner, so if I master in SVHS my friends/family will not be able to play the video.
So which of the 2 above (or any others for around £150) would you recommend for me to get?



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DVD burners for a PC are only £200 now only £50 more than your budget!!!!

Why not get a budget Video recorder and keep the money spare for the dvd burner as this is obviously the future route you want to take. Getting a good vcr that will be for playback only the minute you get a DVD burner seems a waste.

phil r brown

Go for the S/VHS... it will do all you require in VHS mode ( ie play and record on std VHS tapes ) but it would give you that added extra bit of flexibility to dump off your tivo, or create master tapes off your PC in the S/VHS format, which is far superior to std VHS.

If there was a major diffrence in price I might say stay VHS, but there is not and also the Panasonic is a great machine.

Rgds Phil


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There is a major difference in price!!! The SVHS tapes are disproportionately expensive!!!! And the SVHS ET and SVHS tapes reduce the ability to share. If its an archive and distribute machine you want get abudget VCR and save up for that £200 DVD burner or £400 DVD recorder

I was in this position earlier this year. And came to the conclusion that SVHS is a lost cause. To get the extra resolution you are confining yourself to a media that after 30 tapes would have paid for the difference between a VCR and a DVD+RW, that you cant distribute, is linear and has a finite life.


So 2-1 in favour of VHS so far:)
Which budget VHS machine would you advise?
And which DVD recordable format DVD-R(W) or DVD+R(W)? It will be a PC unit, and which model/price?
Having just updated all my AV gear + plasma I can see my bank manager having a heart attack if I go too mad:D Still it's nearly Christmas. I was told old santa couldn't get a plasma down my chimney, so I had to buy that, but he should be able to get a DVD recorder to squeeze in.

Thanks again,


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1-1 Ive mailed twice.

Re format, depends. +RAM expensive but flexible and not compatable, like SVHS really. You have Tivo so its RAM facilities arent a bonus for you so its a straight +RW vs -RW.

+RW has higher compatability more flexibility for rewriting a nd is quicker to finalise. But its up to you.

www.scan.co.uk/todayonly have a DVD burner every couple of weeks for £200 that is -RW and they have a sony +RW (and writes to CDs as well)permanently on offer.

As for VCR Id check www.pricerunner.co.uk, assume you want nicam and videoplus and a manufacturer of repute and take your pick!


Thanks nunew33

I will take a look:)



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Personally from past experience I would stay well clear of any budget VHS decks, they aren't built to last so you will soon be back here looking for a replacement!!

Remember that this could be the last ever VHS player you buy, you really want something that will give years of hasle free service until such time as you replace your VHS collection.

As for SVHS being more expensive, from the prcdirect website:
JVC HRS5955EK - £118.75.
Panasonic NVHS830BS - £143.95.

Whilst more expensive than their VHS counterparts, not exorbitantly so - approximately a £30 - £40 markup!

I have an SVHS deck myself, I don't really use it for making SVHS recordings, however it does give me the option of editing - i.e recording a program off air with an SVHS tape, and then dubbing down to VHS offline, removing adverts etc whilst minimising signal degradation. Hence this deck just gives me a bit more flexibility and as it didn't really cost much more than a VHS deck has proven a worthwhile investment.


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He has tivo for off line editing. The VCR is for playback of legacy material. What functionality does a SVHS player offer if you dont invest in SVHS tapes? None, other than pseudo SVHS on VHS tapes which then makes the tape non transferrable. On a tight budget £40 is £40 towards a DVD burner (and therefore 20% of the cost) which is the ultimate aim of MarkE19. Also you cant ignore the cost of SVHS tapes and high grade VHS tapes for SVHS ET recordings, which are the hidden costs of investing in a SVHS deck. If you dont have SVHS tapes or high grade VHS tapes then you are getting no benefit for the extra £40.

The first question when buying anything is what are you getting it for. In this case: occasional recordings, playing VHS tapes and an editing tool till a DVD burner is acquired. A VHS does the first two and if the DVD burner is bought sooner rather than later the SVHS offers no benefit and the money can be better sspent elsewhere. Especially when you include the price of high gade VHS tapes and SVHS tapes, it makes the cost of the SVHS player less attractive

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