VHS image shake on Pan. 42PWD6


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I've just connected my VHS machine (Sony SLV-SE800 – I think) via composite to my Denon 3803 and onwards to my Panasonic 42pwd6 via component cable.

Now I know that I shouldn’t expect miracles, but the picture really is dreadful. On my CRT (29 inch 4:3 Philips) the picture from the same video is excellent for VHS, and the CRT picture is only a couple of inches smaller (height-wise), so I didn’t expect such a difference.

The picture on the plasma is ‘noisy’, which I’d expected (but less so) and can live with, but what I can’t live with is a wobble / jitter / shake in the picture, which does not happen on the CRT. Any ideas (other than buying a DVD-Recorder which is not an option at the moment)? We watch a lot of taped TV, so would really like a solution.

Also, is it a feature of a plasma display that it will not display a paused VCR picture, and loses the image when doing a ‘visual fast forward’?

I have the combined (2slot) component/composite terminal board on the plasma, and all sources are switched through the 3803. Sky is connected via a JS RGB2YUV converter and the picture is very good.

Does it sound like a problem with my gear? Can I improve the picture with alternative connections, or expensive cables ? Or am I going to have to learn to live with it?

Thanks for any help…..


When i bought my plasma last year(Hitachi 42 PD3000) i was very dubious as to the quality of image i was going to get from my Hitachi FX980E vcr. To be honest i was gobsmacked as to how good my videos looked, i watch Doctor Who videos quite often and they look great far better than i expected.
My vcr pauses perfectly(by vhs standards)but does loose a little detail in the still image and via visual fast forward it works a treat, even on my early 90's doctor who videos playback is very good indeed and certainly as good as my Toshiba 36ZP18 crt.
I would suggest cleaning the heads on your vcr this may improve things ??? but as i have said my video playback is fine. I use a ixos flat scart to scart into AV1(composite) if that helps.


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Mines the same! but I do a conversion on my ntl box (rgb scart -> component). I will try upconvert from the VHS and see if it makes a difference..


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Thanks for the replies. Just when I thought I was getting to grips with the jargon side of Home Cinema, I'm floored by another new one - Time Base Correction !

I have another (newer) video I can try in the first instance, then I'll investigate Lectropacks.



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I`ve just been watching a Video on my Series6 Panny and the picture was very good (For video).

Have you tried connecting the VCR direct to the screen ? It may be the Upconversion in the Denon + as Gordon says the lack of TBC thats causing the problem ?


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No I haven't - I'll give it a try, thanks. Will mean going in to the rat's nest of wires behind the AV unit though !


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It's hard to be satisfied with VHS generally when connecting to a big plasma, especially when you get used to DVD PQ, thank god I don't have to touch a VHS cassette again thanks to the Sony DVD Recorder :laugh: I remembered that turning down the sharpness will make VHS look slightly more acceptable with less visible noise.


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Success. I should have RTFM for the 3803 ! There's a paragraph in there (don't have it to hand) that states this exact problem may occur when trying to output a 'VTR' connected with Composite or S-Video, through component. And it mentions Time Base Correction.

Tried S-Video direct from VHS to the screen and it worked. Picture still quite noisy, but that was to be expected. Guess it would improve with a decent cable. Now though it keeps the picture on pause, cue & review, and most importantly - no picture shake.

Of course this introduces another domestic harmony problem - I was using the 3803 to do all the switching, now I have to use the screen's remote to switch between input 2 (S-Video for VHS) & input 3 (Component for SKY / DVD). So I need to think about other connection options to reduce the switching hassle and address the problem of not being able to watch terrestrial TV while we're taping Sky. So which forum does that belong in - remotes, plasma, video or amps ?!!



Pronto time, mate. How's your PC skills? It's possible to teach yourself to do it, start your research in the remote forum, and have a look at remotecentral.com. The 3803 is an interesting beast to program for, it has a lot of buttons. Maybe you do 2 programs, 1 for SWMBO and 1 for yourself.

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