Vhs converted to Dvd-r how to improve sound? via pc?

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    (Newbie question so apologies if it is really obvious or something!)

    Using my Panasonic e85 I’ve converted a VHS tape to dvd-r, the sound is really hissy and low as the source wasn’t great….. so I want to clean up the sound using my pc. Is there an easy way to do this? Any software of something? I’ve had a look at some software around and it allows dvd sound ripping to Wav or Mp3 – which I could edit using sound software, but I’m just worried about lip synch and more importantnly how to convert that back to a suitable format for dvd to match the video?

    I don’t really want to rip the dvd, re-encode as it may lose video quality.
    So how can I mess around with the sound on this dvd to improve it?

    Any help/ideas greatfully received!

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