VHD box. Will Scart output work while HDMI is connected?


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As far as I know I have the latest VHD box made by Cisco.

Basically I will connecting the HDMI cable to my monitor via a DVI adapter and then I need to get audio. Unfortunately I don't have a sound system with an optical audio so I was hoping to get a SCART to RCA and then hook left/right audio up to my sound system from that. Rather than buying a digital to analog converter.

Although I was wondering if the SCART output is disabled when an HDMI cable is plugged in?

Alternatively if anyone has a better solution to hooking up my VHD box to my VGA/DVI monitor and analog stereo. It's a pain the box doesn't have a separate analog audio out.



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SCART and HDMI outputs are always available on the V-HD box. As there's no built in hard drive most people will need the SCART active for hooking up to a VCR/DVD Recorder.


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ok so I connected the VHD box to my monitor with an HDMI to DVI cable, but only the menus show up. There is no picture. this is the case regardless of whether the SCART cable is plugged in or not.

my monitor is a Samsung 226BW. does anyone have any idea why I might not be getting a TV picture and just the menus? Could it have anything to do with the refresh rate?



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I had the same issue, connected my scart to the tv first, then fiddled with the HDMI settings had to stick it on 720 wide, swapped back to HDMI and then it all worked fine.

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