Vga wavy now


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Just switched on xbox tonite and picture thru vga is wavy , it has been superb since january, switched to component and that is ok, any ideas please?

motile rod 2

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Is it an official one? My unofficial one has done that since I got it, I put it down to crap cable.

But it doesn't seem to happen at 1080p for some reason.


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My 360 is wavy when I turn it on, you got to let those chips warm up so the clocks settle down and everything starts to look lovely again.

Unless you got some sort of new electrical device next to the cables? Have aliens landed a spaceship on your roof, maybe?


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No nothing new and we watched a dvd on sunday night upscaled Devil Wears Prada and the picture was spot on and rock solid, now its wavy on vga and component , only got box on 21st dec last year.

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