VGA vs SCART on Panny PWD8


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Hi, is anyone out there running a panny pwd8 with the js tech rgb to vga converter? If so can anyone vouch for how much better the picture is over standard scart? I was planning on using it for sky and dvd.

I have read a lot about the JS converter (all very good comments) but i have also read that the new scart input terminal (which i have) is much better on the 8 series panny than previous models.

I am therefore looking to establish whether its worth another £150 to upgrade to vga over my scart?



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I run a JS Converter for my Sky box to convert to component which I then switch through an AV receiver into the VGA port on the screen.
I also have a DVD recorder which goes component through the amp into the VGA on the screen. Sky is connected to the Recorder as well via a cheap scart lead so that I can record.

Sometimes when I'm finished watching a DVD I run Sky through the DVDR which in effect daisychains Sky using the DVDR to convert to component. I'm not sure if it's the cheap scart or it's the conversion via the DVDR but there is a noticeable change in the picture quality, not a huge change and to be honest I have not spent enough time watching via this route. I will say that while it isn't as good as the route through the JS box, it is quite acceptable and a route worth considering if money is tight.

Not exactly the same as the scenario you mentioned but it might help you make up your mind if you are in a quandry with regards your budget.


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thanks for the advice UKseless1, the budget thing isn't really an issue (well within reason!) and i really wanna be getting the best picture i can out of Sky and DVD. I'll probably go ahead and bite the bullet! afterall whats another £150 having spent £1500!!


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i use the SCART RGB output of my Sky box straight into a SCART port on my PHD8. All looks lovely - hard to see how much better the picture could get.
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