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Hello People..:smashin:... I am wondering if any one can help me. I currently have a basic pc in one room and a widescreen TV with HD and a VGA port in another. I currently transmit cable TV from the room the PC is in, to the widescreen using a Nikka Cable audio and video transmitter New Nikkai 5.8GHZ Wireless AV Receiver Kit AWV-698B on eBay (end time 24-Jun-10 15:05:52 BST)
What I want to do is also transmit the pc display to the widescreen. Is this possible if I buy a VGA to Scart lead and plug this in the back the transmitter?? If this is not possible what is the best option??? I have spoke to PC world who advised that their are USB transmitters that can transmit music and film from my hard drive but you do not get the PC display and the PC’s full utilities. I have also searched for VGA transmitters online however they are not clear on whether you can get the PC's display I am also looking for the best mouse keyboard combination that can also transmit to a different room. Ohh and the room in question is on the floor above. Any ideas ???:lease:


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...Ohh and the room in question is on the floor above. Any ideas ???:lease:
Directly above, or somewhere on the floor above ?
Trust do a nice RF keyboard/mouse set (wireless deskset) available from the likes of Morrisons and Wilkinson for around £20. This has a greater range than the normal metre or so, and the receiver plugs directly into a USB slot on the PC. Whether the range is enough for your needs, with a floor/walls between I cannot say.

VGA is a signal in quite a different format to the PAL TV composite signal accepted by the "AV senders", so a VGA to scart cable would be unsuitable.
There are ways to convert VGA to composite, which could then be sent wirelessly but this would limit the PC display to SD TV resolution (720x576 or 640x480).

I thought the device in PC World (Q-WAVES Wireless USB AV Kit)for transmitting from a "laptop" (which could equally be a PC) to a HDMI-input TV (also it can connect to VGA-in) would allow the full PC desktop display, that would need to be checked (this review suggests it can) - and does your TV have HDMI-in? The transmitter uses a USB socket on the PC, so it's display would be in addition to the PC monitor. Its RF range is also limited so again it may not suit floor-to-floor use.
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