VGA to RGB scart lead.....Nvidia?



I know how to make this lead and I know how to use Powerstrip. But no one has explained to me why you cannot use this lead with Nvidia cards. My 4200 can output interlaced @ 50Hz. I read somewhere you can only use ATI Radeon cards as they can output mixed H&V syncs which is what is required?

I have attched a screenshot of my 4200ti timing driver options. Can someone clarify from this image as to whether I can output VGA to RGB to my CRT.

Also under the TV out settings there is a scart option. But Nvida do not do a card with scart out! They could not answer my question either! Can anyone help here as a matter of interest? I know ATI AIW 800XT has scart out.



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the ati cards can output a composite sync signal. In powerstrip, the option for composite sync is greyed out if you are using an nvidia card...without composite sync, the generic vga-->scart cable wont work, as rgb scart needs a sync signal.

You can get rgb from an nvidia card, but you have to build a circuit to produce a sync signal, so, it is not impossible, just more difficult than if you have an ati card.

I do not know what the scart option is in the graphics driver either...

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