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Hey all.

I recently bought a large PC monitor, and have a DVD player that I really want to put into it. I bought a VGA to yellow RCA converter whilst buying some other things on amazon after seeing it for pretty much one pound plus postage. Problem is, it doesnt seem to be working.

I know this is probably a really stupid question, one that many of you will certainly know the answer to (I hope so anyway!), but what would be the cheapest way to get my monitor to play the dvd player through the VGA jack?

When I try the cheap adaptor, it simply will not recognise that there is a VGA cable plugged in...? Looking at the product reviews, people have said the same thing, and it isnt a problem with the converter, per se, but the problem is that the monitor is too high res, or something similar.

Thanks so much for any help I get here. I just really would like this to work, as the DVD player is region free.


P.S. I should also add that the DVD player has both a single yellow video out, and the red, green and blue component (?) outs. So if there is any way to get the signal from VGA to the DVD player, it is all cool. Thanks again. :thumbsup:

EDIT: I couldn't search before (internet browser has been playing up), and now that i've done a search, i've found some info that tells me that you can only change from the component to vga, as it's something to do with deinterlacing (?). Still, i've found no 'quick fixes' as of yet, and would like to know the cheapest way around this problem. Thanks.
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You need some sort of tv or video to vga converter. Do a google search on that and see what you come up with. If what you have is a simple adapter lead then that won't work. The video signal from the dvd player is interlaced video, so you need to do de-interlacing and scaling (up to the resolution of your display)_ devices to do that range from the cheap (~£25-£50 perhaps) up to several £K.

You need also to be clear in what you're doing_ you're NOT trying to get vga to the dvd player_ you're trying to get the dvd player output into the vga input of the monitor.


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