VGA to LVDS? (LC320W01)


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I have an LC320W01-SLA1 (LG Philips 32" TFT Panel) as per

It's a 30-pin LVDS 1366x768, not sure whether its 16, 24, 32 bit.

It has the controller PCB with 30 pin LVDS input, and inverter already installed.

I have a requirement to connect a PC to it preferably via VGA.

I've been googling for quite a few days, but there seems to be a lack of generic converters available.

So far my options are...

* This little 'dongle' from IEI which I will have to research the pinout, and solder up a VGA socket to...

VGA to 24-bits dual-channel LVDS converter board - VGA-LVDS

* A Systemation ADP105 USB to LVDS...

Systemation - ADP 105 USB to LVDS Adapter Board

However, a few other forums suggest these are pricey, and are for bulk purchasers not one-offs.

* An AV card pulled from a TV that uses this panel? (ebay)

Is there anyone who can review the above PDF, and maybe suggest a compatible board/converter that I could use, or a few models of TV that use this panel so I can look into obtaining the AV boards off ebay, or maybe somebody knows of an existing product that provides plug and play VGA/S-Vid/DVI/AV to LVDS conversion. I would ideally prefer to keep the native resolution 1366x768, and looking for something not too expensive (say 20-30 GBP as I will need to buy 20 of them in the near future).

Anyone with any suggestions or advice, I will be much appreciative.


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WHy can't you get a graphics card for the PC with DVI or HDMI output ?
That would interface directly without the need for an (expensive) video rate analog to digital converter (so called "video decoder" chip).


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Have you already got the motherboard? If not have you looked into motherboards that have lvds outputs for direct connection to LCD panels?

There are quite a few converter boards on that look like they will do the job but their mobile site is rubbish and I am on my phone do I can't see the full details.

Also I know a guy that has been looking at lvds chips for the beagle board, I will ask him if the chip can take VGA as well and see how much it would cost to knock you one up on his mini production line he has at home if you want. I imagine you would have to commit to the 20 though and not just 1.
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