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Jul 30, 2003
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Hi, I want to connect my PC to my Pioneer 436RXE Plasma TV.
What is the best option, VGA to Component or VGA to SCART?
Ideally I would like to connect my DVD player to the component input, so just wondering if VGA to SCART is a suitable solution?

Sky HD will use the HDMI input.

Does anyone have a link to somewhere that sells VGA to SCART cables?

Is S-Video to SCART another option?

Basically, what I want to do is use my Plasma screen as a monitor for all my PC useage, which is 95% internet and email.

Thanks for any help. :thumbsup:

Will I have any scaling issues?
s-video into scart is an option, but only if the TV scart supports it. Youll only get SD picture though.

Could you not put your sky through component and your PC into HDMI with a DVI- HDMI convertor?

VGA-component convertor

Will Sky HD input through component give a HD picture?? (sorry if this is numpty question, but I thought only a HDMI connection from Sky HD would give a HD picture).

If so, do I just need to make sure my new PC has a graphics card that has either HDMI or DVI output and simply use the correct cable?
Sky will output HD over component. (Its the way I use it upstairs) but you will also have to run an audio cable.

If your PC has a DVI port, you can get a DVI-HDMI convertor lead that will plug straight from your pc to TV

I don't know if you can get VGA-HDMI, but I dont think so as Im pretty sure VGA is analogue and HDMI digital only. (please someone put me right if I'm wrong!!!)


Could you not put your sky through component and your PC into HDMI with a DVI- HDMI convertor?

Sorry to drag this back up.

My options are

Sky HD into TV via component.
PC into TV via HDMI (I have found a docking station for my laptop with an HDMI port on it)
(or HD to HDMI and PC to Component if I can find a HDMI to component cable)
But what about my DVD (Samsung HD950). I could go SCART to SCART, but will it still upscale via RGB on the SCART?

Any other otions?

I do not want to use an HDMI splitter. The Sky box, DVD player and PC will be inside a cabinet, and I do not want the hassle of opening the cabinet to swith the HDMI splitter, I would rather have the PC turned on all the time and simply switch inputs on the TV.

Thanks :clap:

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