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I want to plug a PC into the system (see sig, below). I am thinking of one of the Evesham e-boxes. When I installed the screen I ran a cable for VGA. What I am expecting to do is for the PC to connect directly to the screen for picture and to the Amp for sound (no idea what connections this will be by though).

Before deciding to add a PC what I had planned to do is add a Sharp Wireless LCD TV into the system so that when I do not want to watch something on the projector screen I can just use the LCD. I think this will work as the AX5 has two 'outs' for display and my Pronto can cope with the switching.

With a PC into the system I would like the option to have the option to use the PC on a small screen too. I am presuming that it will not link to the Sharp and I know of no other wireless option. What I need to do then is get a display that can take the VGA in from the PC and the S-VHS or Scart in from the AX5. Two questions then:
1. Does anyone know of a good 15-17" screen that will work; and
2. I presume the PC only has one display out so is it possible to get a
switcher (or splitter) so that the PC VGA out can go to the PJ and the LCD. Preferably a remote controlled switcher.


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Have you checked if the PC you're looking at has dual outputs? They're very common (many graphics cards have both VGA and DVI outputs and the DVI is usually able to also deliver a second VGA output) though to save a few £££ system builders sometimes don't bother.

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