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Hi got VGA cable today and fired up 360 set it to 1080p in settings plopped PGR 3 in gone to garage and picture is awful. Is it right for all buttons to appear large (sorry sounds nooby but first HDTV purchase) its not very nice picture just a jaggie mess. Its so bad my SDTV produced a better picture which is not good at all ive tried fiddling with loads of settings but cant find good vibrant pic. I have also tried component with settings in Samsung thread and its the same colours seem washed out and not vibrant on both sources. Also when adjusting to 1080p to 720p picture appears to be same all the time is this right. ?

From picture i have seen of other peoples system i dont really think its suppose to look like this at all. Its like the picture blown up and really big would it have anything to do with coming from SD TV some settings. Would anything to do with being quite close about just over 1 metre have anything to do with it. ?

I have latest Xbox updates and the TV is on setting expanded normal TV fine just dont get whats going on here. I have looked through M87 settings thread in LCD section but nobody listed details over VGA only component what i have used.

Thanks in advance for any help. :)


Have you tried doing an auto-adjust on the M87? The vga input is really a pc input, so go to pc settings in the menu and select auto-adjust. This may (or may not) sort your problem out. Also, try the "expanded" (I think this is what it's called) setting on the picture setup on the 360 as well. I think it's the last option on the menu.


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Hi, press 'i' on the TV remote and post here what the resolution is, also have you set the correct ratio in the TV menu's settings?


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Hi thank very much guys for the replys i tried auto adjust still same thing i had it on expanded already. Doing some digging i found that sitting close on native 720p games you see artifacts but on 1080p or 1080i native game you dont. This would explain why i dont in Call of Duty 4 because beleive its optimized and games like Darkness. Some games look awesome ones that are 1080I native or 1080p but ones that are 720p i see artifacts up close.

List here

And cuke2u 1920x1080 @ 60HZ and 16:9 in menu. :)

Will take some pics later and post but if im only noticing it in pgr 3 then it must be to do with the 720p trying to upscale to 1080p on M87 and showing artifacts up close.


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It's actually a real conundrum for me, I've been using component for ages but I decided to give VGA a try, both have their pros and cons on this set:

+Less cabling
+DVD upscaling
-1080p doesn't seem to work
-Can have screen tearing issues, especially Dead Rising :(
-No XYVcc

+1080p no problems
-More cabling
-No DVD upscaling

What a dilemma :(

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