VGA pin layout in BD 600


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Have purchased a Barco Data 600 extra cheap (about £50) :) because
it was "dead". Found a capacitor in the power supply card
which was short circuit. :thumbsup:

It works beautiful and a first convergence training has been completed
with excellent result!

I wonder now, the TTL (VGA?) connector at the back, what does
that connector wants? I have no information what is needed there.

The BNC-connectors are more easy to understand.

Can I connect the computer graphics card with a cable that
goes from the card with the DB15c to DB9 into the BD 600?



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Hi there Ralph

Forget the TTL input, what you need is to make a HD15 to 5 BNC cable, they are very simple to make, i will try and dig out a pin to pin diagram for you, or buy a cheapie one from a local computer retailer or fleabay.

Best regards



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Hi James, thanks, but there are only 4 BNC connectors, the sync should be combined
and I have such a cable on it's way.

But I beleive Cosmic023 with that layout, exactly what I needed, thanks!

I will compare the two methods of inputting signals and see what's best.

By the way, I was recommended to use the Powerstrip program to acheive linedoubling, how do I configure the program to do that? It's not obvious
when you look at all the possibilities within the program.

Thanks a lot guys!



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Hi Ralph,

Glad that little nugget of info was of use to you....

As for the powerstrip program, a good start guide is here.......

I'm currently using [email protected] on my PJ for PAL material. Gonna have a try with the default DVD rez of 720x576 and a refresh rate of 50hz. (I've heard so much about it, and people state it's better than 75hz ?? I was worried about flicker, but i'll give it a go and see what happens)

So i'd try [email protected] for Pal Material and [email protected] for NTSC material as a starting point. Not really knowing what the best rez/ refresh rate is for your PJ, i'm sure someone will chime in with an answer.)

Do a search in the "CRT" & "HTPC/Computer" forums, i'm sure you'll find some helpful tips there.



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Beleave it or not, I took a scart-contact, soldered a coax cable
to the video out and gnd with a BNC at the other end, plugged
it into the video input on the BD 600 - plugged the scart back
on the dvd-player and guess what?


I got a perfect movie picture on my projector. It is just temporary
setup with a small screen but it WORKS!

I am really happy with this bargain, £ 50 for the projector!

:thumbsup: :clap: :thumbsup: :clap:

I'm getting the cable next week for the HTPC buildup.

Have a nice weekend guys!



great deal...
paif 400 bucks fo rmine...(us)
and seems to be in good shape...
although i still havent made a tabel for it..
still reading on specs and precedures..
i beliuve that [email protected] for NTSC shoudl be good for me to...thats the one i ll try first...


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Hi! But yours was also a great deal! Congrats!

I wish you good luck with your home cinema. The BD 600 seems to be a great projector dispite the analog convergence.


Ralph SM6BJJ

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