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I recently picked up a Sony Bravia KLV-S19A10U at a bargain price specifically to use as a monitor for plugging my Dreamcast into via VGA. However although the set seems a really nice set when I hook up a DVD player etc when I run anything thought VGA it appears to cut off the sides of the picture.

It is really odd. The TV detects it is a 640x480 @ 60Hz picture which is correct and the picture is very clear and sharp. However it is like the picture is truncated at the sides - i.e. when you have text like "Loading Data" which is across the whole width of the screen (on a SamSung LCD or a CRT monitor) you will only see "ading Dat" i.e. the screen does not appear to be showing the entire contents of the picture.

I have tried the obvious - i.e. Aspect Ratio. The set only allows me to choose pixel by pixel (this still has the edges of the screen cut off), Full1 (appears to be a 4 x 3 format with the screen edges cut off) and Full2 (appears stretched to widescreen with the edges cut off).

I have also accessed the Service Menu and had a small play with some of the options in there but can't seem to find anything to adjust Horizontal Size or anything like that.

Hopefully one of you kind folk can help as I'd love to get this hooked up properly for my Dreamcast as it seems a really nice set.

Thanks in advance!


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The good news - it is called overscan and you want 1:1 pixel mapping.
The bad news is that a small TV may not have it. Look in the picture menu and see if there are any options that let you change the picture size.


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Hi - thanks for the reply. I've tried the pixel x pixel option but the picture on VGA is still cut off at the sides. I think I need to adjust the overscan but only for the VGA picture. Any idea how I do this in the Service Menu. I am fairly certain that the other inputs are ok (e.g. Scart, Component, composite etc)

In the Menu (i.e. the standard menu accessed by pressing Menu on the remote) I get options on most inputs like 4:3, 16:9, Auto, Full1, Full2, Zoom. however on the VGA input I get the choice of pixel x pixel (this makes a small picture in the middle of the screen which I presume is accurately mapping a 640 x 480 picture to each pixel with no scaling) however this still has the sides of the picture cut off. The other 2 options are Full1 and Full 2 (which both seem to be scaled to fill the screen).

Is there anywhere in the Service Menu to adjust the Overscan? Any idea what the option is called? There are tons of options in there but all seem to be abbreviated to a few letters so it is not very clear. I have tried googling to find an explanation of the options but no luck so far.

Appreciate all your help :)

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