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    I recently purchased a Themescene H30 and have currently connected it via the supplied scart connector and VGA lead to a JCV TH3 DVD player.

    I now wish to permanently site the projector and DVD and estimate I will need approx. 20 meters of cable. I have been informed from one source that over that distance S-Video would give better performance than VGA however I have also been told S-Video would be the safer option but SCART RGB via VGA would give better image quality depending on the quality of the VGA cable and the RGB output of the DVD player.

    Bearing in mind this is my first venture into home cinema and the system to date has only cost approx. £1500 can someone please advise in laymans terms how I should proceed.

    Many Thanks
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    The Borders

    Optoma UK supply a small adapter 'block' with SCART on one side and HD15 (VGA) on the other side - you plug it directly into your RGB enabled SCART source.

    A decent quality VGA cable may be OK at 20m - though if you find the signal does drop off too much a Kramer VGA amp is sub £150.

    A 20m S-Video run is just as likely to drop off in quality as a 20m RGBHV run - especially so from the same source device and whichever connection you choose I'd keep the idea of a Kramer RGBHV or S-Video Line amplifier as a distinct possibility.

    Drop me a note if you want more info on line amps or long video cables.

    Best regards


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