VGA or RGBHV on Panny 5


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I'm just trying to sort my leads out before my Panny 5 is ordered. I'm getting Keene syncblaster leads and I've just spoken to them (They are out of stock!). Rather than have 3 leads running to the screen (svideo from SVHS video, RGB scart to syncblaster VGA and RGB scart to syncblaster RGBHV) the Keene guy said use their simple scart switcher (code BT22) to switch the 2 RGB scarts so only one lead for this and one for svideo. Its a manual switch for 2 scarts and switches RGB. He suggested that quality wouldn't be affected and it costs £9.99 so would save the £69.99 of one syncblaster. Money is not the main issue but I don't want to waste it! Any input from forum would be appreciated. Also if I only go for one syncblaster for my DVD and Sky digibox to share which input is best on the Panny VGA or RGBHV?


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well.... it would work...but do you really want a switch slung under your screen and have to get up and scrabble under the thing to switch it over from sky to DVD .....
also i doubt you will not lose any quality...every time the signal goes through a it a cable or switch or coupler.. whatever... the signal will be degraded... if the connections are high quality then you will lose less...but you will lose some...
if it is any consolation i have a box full of various converters and cables.
currently i use
JS box connected with IXOS scart and Van Damme VGA cable into the VGA port for Sky+
JS Box connected with IXOS scart and Van Damme RGBVH cable into the RGB connectors on the panny .... nearly £500 !!

but now i want to change it all !! i am not happy with the solarisation watching footy (see other threads) so i am looking at a i-scan pro into the VGA and now i have a new DVD which has componant out anyway so that sorts that out....

then something else will come along !!

better get back to work so i can pay for it !



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Thanks for the info. I agree with the switch and quality loss things. 95% of the time I will be watching Sky not DVD and most of that 95% will be my family (wife and 2 little kids) so I need it easy to use as well!

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Your man advising on connectivity at your cable supplier is talking nonsense!

The BT-22 is a B-Tech manual passive SCART switch and it certainly will inject a degree of signal degradation into your system. See > AV Control Boxes > Video controls > 2 Way SCART.

If you want to cascade more than one RGB source into a RGB2Plasma (RGBHV) converter look at the B-Tech BT941 Quattro+ SCART management centre. These are active units with an IR handset to make switching that bit easier and the signal is very clean. You can have up to three RGB signals switched through one of these. (THOUGH PLEASE NOTE THE MANUFACTURER IS OUT OF STOCK AT THE MINUTE)

And as the man at Keene cant see how a £9.99 switch would not be at home in your system then all the more reason to go with a JS Technology RGB converter rather that any of the 'pretenders'.

Also if you only have two RGB sources and you are happy to link your SKY box to your VCR on RF you can simply plug your DVD player 'through' your SKY box anyway and eliminate the requirement for an RGB switch in the system.

So only two cables required:
DVD > Digibox > RGB2Plasma converter > Plasma (VGA or RGBHV)
VCR > Plasma (S-Video).

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Cheers Joe, the only problem is that I do tape off Sky onto SVHS so its a pity to lose that quality to the RF. Any ideas?
(I'm looking at that BT941 on the web now, but one more box and remote control......the wife will not be pleased!)
Which input would you recommend I use on the plasma the VGA or RGBHV?



The BT-22 is a B-Tech manual passive SCART switch and it certainly will inject a degree of signal degradation into your system

I can ensure you that the BT-22 will NOT degrade your RGB signals. Its a passive device !

I have done tests with this RGB SCART switching box, and it makes no difference at all if the box is in the signal path.
I have connected the RGB devices directly to the plasma and also via the switch box.

The things that will degrade your video signals the most is if you use poor quality SCART cables,
the ones that do not use 6 coaxial screened cores for each of the video signals. Then you will see loads of cross-talk interference on your plasma.



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Thats great, thanks for that. If the quality is ok through it then it may simplify my cabling. I already have some decent scarts and it isn't a major problem switching the input for DVD/Sky as I have to put the disc in the drive anyway and can do it then (I'm using a pedastal stand with all the electronics below it).

But I still need to know from someone who has tried both VGA and RGBHV which will work best? I remember a post about JUST mode on them but know nothing about widescreen yet (the forum search doesn't seem to work at the moment).


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I've just ordered a Sky+ digibox which has an svideo out so hopefully I can daisy chain the DVD and digibox on scart, and still have an svido link to my SVHS video recorder.

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