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Hi everyone

I have a 250GB xbox 360 (new off amazon) and a BENQ 21.5 inch monitor with both DVI and VGA inputs. Which would be the best way too hook the xbox up to the monitor to fully utilise the 1920x1080 resolution? An HD VGA cable or a HDMI to DVI cable/adapter?

The monitor has no speakers so sound is not an issue - I'll hook that up separately.

Thanks a bunch for any help.



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neither vga or dvi carries audio so there is no difference there,

if you can I would go digial (dvi) but in practice I doubt for games you would see the difference, for text (computer use) you can see a difference pretty easily.

Do you have any other items to hook up to the monitor as thier video output options might be the deciding factor etc... either way you can get 1080p :thumbsup:


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Good stuff. Yeah I've got a laptop plugged into the dvi so VGA would be more convenient (no constantly switching cables). I want the best Skyrim can look however; is it worth the cable-switching in terms of visual difference?



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Yeah, DVI is your best option then.

But hell HDMI is better :(

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