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I have just bought a Toshiba 32C3030DB so I thought i'd better sign up to here!!

I would like to connect up a PC to it so I can watch Lost and other stuff in HD. Can I just connect via VGA and max the resolution on the PC or will I need a DVI-HDMI convertor to get the proper HD res? My PC has an ATI graphics card with VGA and DVI outputs.

Would be great if I can get away without buying more cables and if VGA is good I can hook my laptop up instead!

Thanks in advance and great forum!



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as long as your tv has a vga or dvi socket you can use the output on your pc on the screen and play anything at all, it will behave like a pc monitor. Remember 1080p isnt such a high resolution compared to what some pc monitors can do, so as long as your card is fairly decent it should have the ability to output the exact resolution your tv accepts.

If you card has 2 outputs which you can them both at the same time, so you can have your pc displaying windows and your tv displaying your lost episodes at the same time. Some media players even give you the play controls on your pc monitor and play the actual video on the other.

Some screens have a low contrast image through VGA tho, as my panasonic plasma seems to, so you may not get your best picture, you can get dvi and vga to hdmi cales, tho, which may fix it, which is what im trying to research now and found your post :)

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