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Where do you guys buy the VGA lead for you HCPC's?

Is there a difference in a quality 'computer ' cable, and what is the longest recommended length.

Hope the question isn't too simple....

Cable is from a Panasonic ae100 to the HCPC with expected length of around 20 meters if possible.

(First projector, just using a composite signal at the moment and i'm impressed, movies have never looked so big at home, infact I keep laughing to myself)

Also.. has anyone actually dared to paint a room completely black... without any satanic I have a spare room and was considering doing this.



Check out CPC:

and see e.g.

(nicer quality)



You need male-male.

I just got a 'nicer quality' 6m jobbie and it arrived next day (as has every order I've placed with CPC). Seems very well made to me and works fine (with AE200), but like underscore I have no comparison.




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Looks like the ticket lads, will send for one tomorrow.

BTW, I tried the s-vid connection and found the picture to be more lacking than using ordinary composite? Just found it a bit strange.



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if i caught you before you ordered i bought mine from I think they still sell them and i bought a 30m cable for £30. It is a belkin cable and is gold plated with shielding on the cable. I cant tell any difference between that and the cable that came with dPro 930 Monitor. Its great, if they still have them i cant recommend them enough.


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Cheers explicitlyrics, I'm on night shift so havn't ordered one yet.

I'll look into this.

Andechrome: hows the new setup going?


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