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VGA - Component... HELP !



I've gone through the pain of realising that the seemingly friendly D-Sub to Component cables are not designed to allow a PC to hook up to a display.........£14 later I have to start again.

I've seen VGA to Componet transcoders for around $100 that would do the trick, but seeing as I only have a built in Graphics card I though trying to avoid buying a transcoder would be preferable...i.e. spend more money on a card instead.

I've read something aout the ATI Radeon cards having an add on kit that allows them to convert VGA to three phono component....does anyone know anything about this ?

Also, more generally, how do you guys connect you PCs to your plasma displays? I've got S-Video, Component and Scart buried in the walls and would rather not cause more damage for the sake of a D-Sub cable.


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My Gigabyte 6200 card I just bought came with S-Video and YPrPb (Component) adaptor that plugs into the round hole above the DVI port. It also came with DVI>Dsub adaptor. Twas only £42.. havent had a chance to try the component yet... but it may be a cheaper option than trying to get some sort of converter box as these can twice the price of the graphics card!

Think model number was GV-N62128DS.


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Bump this post! I also need (want) to connect a radeon 9200 to my TV with a VGA to Component or DVI to component or whatever it is. I cannot seem to find any definitive info on this - just a lot of 'hearsay'...... such as.....

Can be done through the catalyst drivers 5.7 and on etc (but does not mention any cable needed.

ATI did do a component output adaptor, but believe it was only sold in the States & Canada (I live in the UK).

On my (now 6 year old) TV I have Somposite, S-Video, Scart and Component inputs - obviously I want to use component. But as mentioned I cannot find any info on getting component out of a graphics card - in my case a Radeon 9200.

Anybody help with this please?




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my radeon x850 pro has full hd support with component out via the mini din
its a connect 3d board it came with the component adapter cable
and can output 1280/720p 1920/1080p with hdcp


There is a lot of confusion with this, because on many displays the HD-15 connector can accept both RGBHV and YPbPr, and many people believe that all you need is an adaptor cable. However, this will only work if the electronics inside the display can discriminate what is being fed in, and can accomodate it.


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I too am interested in the component YPbPr over D-sub HD-15 connector. My Hitachi 5200 can accept this either automatically or manually switched. I've no idea how to get component out of my 6600 card over D-sub though. Anybody got any idea how to do this at the PC end without using the GC component adaptor and having to connect it to the VGA cable in some way?

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