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I have just tried a vga cat 5 extender that cost me 70quid for a pair, it is running just 35metres and i have lines all over the plasma is it a case of the dearer the extender the better the picture? or is there another issue i need to be aware of please. any help really welcome.

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What type of extender is it?

What type of CAT5 is it, CAT5e? Solid or stranded?

How far is the unit specced?

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Hi, it is cat5 i believe solid the extender is a
[image removed]

VGA CAT5 Extenders

[image removed]

Video Audio/Video

These boxes allow you to send video or video and audio data along a CAT5 cable to a pair of monitors up to 150m away. This makes them ideal for use in shop displays, exhibitions or information points where access to a computer is not required or is a security problem.

  • Works up to 150m away
  • 4 position distance equaliser for optimum signal
  • Supports resolutions up to 1024x768
  • Use standard CAT5/5e/6 unshielded cable as the data link
  • Available with or without mono audio facility
  • Standard 15way Hi-D male input and 2x 15way Hi-D female outputs
  • The audio version uses 3.5mm sockets for input and outputs
  • RJ45 sockets for the CAT5 cable
  • Powered by ac adaptors
  • No operating system required
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 20x104x70mm
it says 150m but thr run is only 35m.
i have a plasma at one end and a projector the other if i run the long way to the projector(optoma es522) the pic has noise in it but not as bad as if i run the long way to the new samsung plasma 42"

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Chris thanks,
does yours have audio as well?
the picture looks full of noise from the present one is that likely to be resolution or interference?



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Sorry Andy, I had to remove the image links from your post as it is against forum rules (and good internet practice) to link to an image on another persons website.

Net effect is you cause them to expend bandwidth serving the image without getting traffic to their site.


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