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I've just had to buy a 5 Metre VGA cable for my laptop - Monitor.

I'm noticing some black flashing horizontal lines on the monitor, especially on boot-up.

I'm not getting this with my old 3 metre cable.

It's possible i've just bought a duff cable, or could the extra length be causing this ?

The 5 Metre was too short anyway so i will now need a 10 Metre VGA cable.

Should a 10 Metre cable be ok, and not cause the above problems ?

If it's ok, could someone recommend one ?



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VGA-Analogue is not going to have as long a range [as DVI]. Using high quality cables I would say that 10 meters would be the maximum for [email protected] There are VGA-Analogue repeater solutions as well that can also permit 10's and 100's of meters of signal--at lower resolutions--e.g. [email protected]
If you are running at high resolution, a 10' cable is too long and is very likely the cause of the lines on your picture.
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