VGA Cable max length?

Monty Burns

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Hi Guys

im thinking of holding a BBQ in the garden and projecting the cricket onto the side of the house, to do this I will need to run a VGA cable, maybe 15 meters, will VGA cables be ok for this distance? Anyone any experience of this sort of distance?

Not too bothered about quality as it will be projected onto a brick wall anyway!

Thanks in advance

Monty Burns

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Thanks for your response :thumbsup:

Ya know, i say this quite a lot on these forums so you'd think i'd do something about it but ....

Sometimes I amaze myself with my own stupidity....

Why do I need a HUGE vga cable when I have a wireless x360 (and VGA cable) and MCE plugged into my Sky box????

I'm gonna go shoot myself now :rotfl:

Now, let the sun go down a little bit and let the beer flow free! :clap:


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ha ha its the little things you think of after you have made your post!

have fun on your day and fingers crossed you get the weather! :thumbsup:

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