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VGA aspect ratio problems on Pioneer 434

Jules Tohpipi

Well-known Member

My apologies if this has been answered before, but after an hour or two of trawling I've not been able to find an answer.

I have my computer hooked into my Pioneer 434 via the VGA input. I'm trying to use Windows Media Player 10 (in full screen) to watch an .avi file that is in 16:9 letterbox format.

As far as I can see, the Pioneer only gives me two aspect ratio options via the VGA input:

1. 'Standard 4:3' - which gives me a tiny picture of the film in the middle of the screen, with black (grey) bars all around. It doesn't even half fill the screen, but at least the aspect ratio is correct.

2. 'Standard full' - which performs a horizontal stretch on the image. Fine if my .avi was anamorphic, but useless for a 16:9 letterbox image.

What I really need is for the Pioneer's zoom function to be available on the VGA input (to expand the letterbox out to fill the screen). But zoom isn't available - you only get standard 4:3, or horizontal stretch options for the VGA input.

Does anyone have any ideas how to get around this, such that I can expand a 16:9 letterbox film - played in WMP10 - to fill my lovely Pioneer screen ? Or a different piece of software that can do this ?

Any help gratefully received !

Jules Tohpipi

Well-known Member
coombes123 said:
i had a similar problem and had to change the resolution on the pc to 1280x720.

Thank you for your suggestion there, which has entirely cured my problem. I'd never really taken it in before that the display settings in Windows caters for different aspect ratios. I'd assumed it was all based around 4:3 for some reason. Now I'm on the Windows 1280x768 'wide-screen' setting and all is perfect in the world again.


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