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My current Philips tv is getting old in the tooth, so I keep looking at getting a 55" OLED. I'm also in the middle of planning a floating wall as the plaster is cracking and I want to hide all cables but I think the VESA mount points are off set on OLED's? I was going to stick the mount right in the middle thinking that would do but then saw a picture which suggested otherwise.

Can some one help and give me the measurements from the top of the screen to the top holes and then the bottom to the bottom holes please I can't afford to go get the tv just now so need to do a template.



Unfortunately I can't - would involve taking the TV off the wall... I can say that a large "universal VESA mount" usually has a bunch of holes you can use, and while I used the middle holes for an old LG panel that had central mount points, all I had to do with the 55OLED903 was shift the holes I used down to the bottom most option, and the TV's only sitting maybe 4 inches higher than the older panel (take the built in soundbar into account when looking at the attached image)


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Thanks for the reply, my issue is I have a base cabinet and then above where the tv is a wall cabinet so need to get the mount in the right place as I won’t have the luxury of moving up or down. Hope that makes sense lol.

The older model has dropped to sub 1k now so may just pull the trigger and buy one.

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