Very Wierd FFDSHOW Problem??


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Hi Everyone

Eventually got FFDSHOW working great on all my Divx, Dvds etc...

OInly problem is, as soon as i take of the OSC the screen starts flashing like a strobe light, If i turn the osc back on its fine!!!

Any one else had this problem, i had to watch a film last night with the frame counter on just to stop it flashing.

Anyone else had this problem? seems like an odd one too me,

Also The CPU Useage Jumps from 60% upto 100% constantly, really quickly, is this a virus??


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No One Had This Problem????

I dont seem to be able to get DVDs to Work with it either. HD, WMV and Xvid etc.. are fine but DVD just seem to crash Theater Trek unless i turn off the Raw Video option in FFDSHOW.

Anyone help, im only 24 and im going grey :)


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Certainly not something I've ever seen.

As for your DVD playback problems, how did you set up TT+FFDSHOW? Did you use the FFDSHOW 'How To'?

What version are you using, that's very important, many versions come out that are unstable.


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cheers kragorn

I was using version 20060202, i guess this one is too new,

Any advice on which one to go for, cant belive how poor the hd looks without it now.

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