very very humble bedroom set up

i may not be loaded like some on these forums :rolleyes: but what ive got i paid for with cash that ive saved up :thumbsup: any way here are three pics of what i have

details are in sig! this is my first seperate set up and will be moved in a few months when the loft conversion is finished :clap: where i will have a dedicated room.

next on my shopping list is

sub (next thing im saving for)
cd player
projector screen

anyway thanks for looking paul :smashin:


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A great setup there, nothing wrong with that. From little acorns..........
thanks guys :thumbsup: and yes alun guitar hero is great :D


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Nothing wrong with what you have,everyone buys to the buget
they have at the time because someone has the most expensive
gear doesn't always make it the best.:eek:

Looks good M8:thumbsup:


Gadget Daddy

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nothing at all wrong with that I was expecting something a lot worse given the title, its magic mate, and remember the motto "theres always someone with a bigger one", so dont let it bother you, its about how much enjoyment you get out of what you got, not how much it cost or how trendy it is

Well done


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PeteB_2000 said:
"theres always someone with a bigger one"
Maybe for you :devil: .
Looks very,very nice.Those speakers are stunning looking.
Don't think my Gales would fit in in there,they would spoil the look.
Also,wish I lived in a Telewest area,I'm stuck with NTL.
Very nice mate:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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BTW what sub you thinking of getting?
hey thanks for all the great comments :clap: as for a sub i was thinking a rel quake but im not sure how my budget is going to be once loft is finished etc :suicide: one step at a time at the moment im affraid but i have to say ive realy enjoyed getting it bit by bit so far rather getting it all in one go as ive heard the differance betwwen just the 2 f10's on the front as a stereo pair then adding the centre and yesterday moving the f10's to rear and putting in the new sure it will sound even better when the sub gets added :D

John 1987

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Great looking set-up, love the speakers.


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Really good set up you've got there. Nice and compact and it's all anyone really needs. :smashin:

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