Very strange on ebay!



Just spotted this ebay item.
Pay this guy £1.25 and he will prove you cant hack a digibox to get free programmes.

Why would you buy this? :rolleyes:


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SOK has provided the definitive answer to your question. But what I wonder is just how desperate you have to be to try to raise money in this way. I note that the seller started the auction at one penny a couple of days ago, and there hasn't been a single bid yet!


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I get the feeling that his choice of words is trying to mislead people into bidding on this, thinking that they are actually getting something.

Notice that he's also charging 99p for postage !! I am sure that if you do win this auction the info will be emailed to you. How can you charge 99p for this?

Reminds me of something I heard not long after 9/11 and the Patriot Act was passed in the US. Approx 150 members of the Muslim community were lifted by the authorities and held without charge, under suspicion that they may be involved in terrorist activities.

The state had NO evidence to prove this, but I heard a US lawyer on TV one night saying that they could be held indefinitely if they could not prove that they weren't involved in terrorism !! Good justice system or what !! How do you prove you weren't going to blow something up?


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Have you noticed that on the positive feedback score it has past six months 325 and past twelve months 327 WOW two in a whole six months!

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :oops:


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LOL, this guys a joke, he also has a bid going for info on getting free Prem Plus via your computer......using WMP or Realplayer i think.....heh

im sure there are people out there who stream from their Sky box somehow so people can watch it free...but u could just hunt around for that if you was interested, why pay a nob a couple of quid for a link you could find yourself??

(i wouldnt, im not that bothered by sports generally, prefer to play than watch)

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