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A friend of mine and I both purchased and build PCs a couple of years ago using the exact same parts. Recently his died and would just power cycle. He thought it might be the CPU so asked me to pop mine in to see if it would start. Tried it, didn't work just continued to cycle.

The weird bit....when I put my CPU back into my rig starts power cycling and won't boot?! What!!

Any ideas what this could be because I'm stumped! I applied new thermal paste as a solution but no luck. Power is fine, everything lights up, fans whirl and then half a second later it cuts out and repeats.... exactly the same as his machine!? The only thing I could think of is his rig was damaged by static or something that's now broken my cpu?

Any ideas or tests etc?

Ps: if I need a new CPU...would I even be safe to put it in my machine or is there a chance my moby could also be comprised as I'm guessing that's what would have affected my CPU?


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cpu and board specs?

It's possible his board killed your cpu the same way, but I wouldn't say that without some PD first. And if it did, it's very unlikely your CPU killed your board too, but not impossible.
Start by reseating your cpu. while you're doing that, look for any obvious obstructions (ie dirt, debris, cpu grease, etc) in the socket. check the cpu for anything on the bottom as well.

*with each of the following steps, you're trying to get the symptom to change so you can isolate the component causing the problem

**any of these steps can be performed before of after clearing CMOS, which a good starting point also.

reinstall the cpu, if you get the same problem do this:

1. Disconnect anything you don't need from the system board, like usb dev's, hdd's, ssd's, etc...and take note of where they were plugged in - try again.

2. Check / reseat all power connections - try again - same problem, next step

3. Remove all memory DIMM's - power up and expect POST errors. If you don't receive POST errors, step 4. If you do receive POST errors, that's great, it means the board/cpu is still alive. Consult your manual and install 1 DIMM at a time in the correct squence, with a power up test afterward each dimm is added

4. With all DIMM's out (and same symptom), now remove the GPU and power up again. Does the symptom change?
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