Very sore legs...


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Gradually over the last few years my legs during the day and night have started to ache a lot.

Ive tried various exercises and painkillers but the pain doesnt seem to go away.

Its got to the point now sitting at my desk where i am having to stand up and move my leg around.

Anyone here have/had a similar problem or have a solution ?


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yes go to the doctor


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Sorry if I didnt mention it but I have spoken to the doctor about it and he dismissed it as a temporary pain and advised exercise.

Doesnt seemed to have helped.

Grrr some doctors! I've got flat feet, so this lead to shin splints. It maybe this if the pain is down your shin and into your ankle. I've been advised not to run at all!


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What exercise did you try ? How much and how long for ?

Doctors can be really dismissive if faced with an actual challenge so it may be worth a second opinion or asking for a referral at least to a specialist

Or try asking a sports physio ?


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Do you smoke ?


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If your doctor is being that dismissive about your symptoms, your either need to demand a referral to a consultant/physio or get another doctor.

As a physio myself, I've seen a lot of really awful referrals from GPs and, in general, they don't have a clue about anything musculoskeletal


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Sorry if I didnt mention it but I have spoken to the doctor about it and he dismissed it as a temporary pain and advised exercise.

Doesnt seemed to have helped.

I saw a chiropractor after a GP told me this was stress (!) and it was flat feet which results in poor circulation in the lower legs and feet, same as DS.
Arch supports, a little treatment and steady exercise sorted it.


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Get your doc to run a fitness test on you and blood tests,I found out I was having pains in my legs at different times was due to my blood being to thick and needing blood thinners as I had Atrial fibrillation of the heart,after them not picking up on my over active Thyroid they now bloody listen to me now lol
Always remember you can ask for blood tests and stuff to be done if you don't agree with the docs who only has a few mins to look at you
And btw I'm not having ago at docs,they have one hell of a job todo in the space of time they get to see you


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Agreed, we have the luxury of time to look at these things.


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I slipped over at work in a freezer and landed on my knee, and from then on every time I knelt on that knee it was like someone shoved a red hot poker in it. Went to see the GP and she clearly dismissed my concerns as being someone who just wanted some time off work or to sue their employer (not what I was after at all, I just wanted to make sure that as a 26 year old I hadn't ruined my knee for life!!).

I had to demand it be strapped up, demand an X-ray, basically demand everything. She said it wasn't broken or anything so it would just 'get better'. I explained that it's not normal to be in absolute searing pain when you kneel on it (not just an ache, this was proper 'shout out loud' pain).

Anyway turned out to be my anterior cruciate ligament - I ended up having to diagnose it myself :D

Took about 6 months to get back to normal. Until then I trained myself not to kneel on it, and basically take it easy.

Oh, and I didn't sue my employer either. Probably should have done as they laid us all off shortly after :laugh:
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Well what can I say
I've been in hospital for since 4th may
I've been having pain in my legs as I said
Then on Saturday things went very wrong here is a short comment I placed on my Facebook page because friends did not understand what what's going on

Ok since a lot are asking what happen again because they don't understand

On Saturday doing a normal trip to the shops around 6pm I could feel stabbing pains in my feet and up my legs
I made my way home a five minute walk took nearly a hour.

When getting home I found the pain increase and was crawling around the flat and bed
We called 111 to get advice who then sent out a doc

Now over the years I've had a thyroid complaint and a issues with my heart from this
So at first the docs and I thought it was a blood clot.
I was sent to a&e on Saturday to look for clot and now know clot could be found

But the pain was increasing all the time.
On the Sunday night Monday morning I could not cope with the pain anymore and it was like a thousand knifes and fire burning my legs and feet at the same time

A doc arrived to see me at some point to see that I was not making it up to find out after a team of 10 surgeons had all looked at me that it was
Compartment syndrome (not a blood clot)

Compartment syndrome is a limb- and life-threatening condition which occurs after an injury, when there is not a sufficient amount of blood to supply the muscles and nerves with oxygen and nutrients because of the raised pressure within the compartment such as the arm, leg or any enclosed space within the body and leads to nerve damage because of the lack of blood supply.[1] The severity of compartment syndrome can be divided into acute, subacute, and chronic compartment syndrome.

Now as I have not had any sort of accident or crash or damage to my legs this is a mystery to the team at the hospital.

So they had to do a emergency opp on my leg to relive the pressure and leave the wound open

So now I have been stitched back together they are looking at why it happens and how to stop it ever going again.
In other parts of my body

Please understand a blood clot is not the same as this.the blood clot was only what they thought it was when I was taken in,

It's been a lot bigger deal but thanks to the team of surgeons here who all took a real interest in the case they have never seen before worked really hard on getting me sorted

So in short or long that's what happened

So now it's back to round the table to find out why it happened and what can be done to get back on my feet against

So I'm still sat in hospital now awaiting them to pastercast my leg so can go home for a few days then back in to see diffrent docs to work it all out
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Here's a pic of my leg after my opp,I've spent the last 24 hours at home now with this plaster on my leg and foot
I'm bloody 41 and have to have a Zimmer frame at the mo to get round my flat much to the amusement to all my mates
Back into hospital tomorrow to see the plastic surgeon to look how the skin graph has taken to the wound ImageUploadedByAVForums1368559761.872342.jpg

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