"very" small entry level sub recommendations


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after recently moving into a new home i find myself very limited on space for a sub.

think im going to have to place one under a shelving unit in an alcove about
a metre wide and when i build the shelving/ cupboard enclosure i think im gonna have to put it in there....:thumbsdow

anyway i am not going to be wellying it out i just need some advice for a small active sub that hopefully will be no more than 30cm high, smaller the better really.

i just want to add a bit of low end support at low volumes to a set of small bookshelf speakers. (tangent evo 4)

anyone had any experience with any of these?

yamaha yst sw012


ideally if something like a rel quake came up in the classifieds i would probably get that.

also any other recommendations on entry level subs that are similar size?


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yeh i like the sound of the connected but as i say im aiming to get under 30 cm

not many of them about....

could go up to and around £200. dont want to spend more because i will never get "full" neighbour annoying use out of it.:nono:


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MJ Accoustics do some diddy little subs (Pro 50) that sound good although they are a little over your budget.

tone on tour

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I would go for a BK Gemini as they are approx 30cm x 30cm.
They are around £200 new or keep an eye on the classifieds as mine will be going up for sale in the next couple of days :thumbsup:


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I just picked up a Pinnacle "baby boomer" - very small, with a 600 watt amp in it and dual 8" woofers facing opposite one another. IT is less than a foot square. Sounds great. NOT sure about availability in the UK. But worth checking out. A few great reviews out there on this little guy. Don't let the size and cute name fool you. Sounds great with my Spica speakers for both music and home theater.

This sub was not all that cheap= retails about $800 US. BUT I don't know your budget.
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