Very slow response times Sharp Aquos 2T-C42CI3KE2AB TV


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Details of the TV:
42 inch Full HD Android LED TV with Google Assistant and integrated Chromecast

Hi all,

So I bought a new TV for a future lodger in my home, I got it set up, connected to wifi ok, it did it's set up process and works ok, for the most part

The issue I'm having is the navigation between menu items is very, very slow.

For instance on the main home screen with all the apps, when I press to navigate in any direction there's usually a delay between 4-6 seconds before it actually moves on the screen.
It took me an age to sign into the Amazon prime video app, as it was so slow, when I finally got logged in, the same problem again, very slow navigation.
I selected my first show to watch (Picard), took about 15 seconds to start playing and it was pausing roughly every 10-30 seconds like it was having buffering issues.
The wifi is showing a good signal and is connected to the 2.4Ghz channel (I have a 1 gigabit symmetric internet connection here in the UK).
It also seems to affect even the simple things like volume adjustment
When the Picard show started it was quite loud, so I was pressing the volume down on the remote and it took roughly 8-9 seconds before it finally started to go down.
I ran the auto update and it says no updates, I couldn't find any firmware updates manually online as the Sharp UK site doesn't work.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!


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I would return it for a replacement or refund if you're still within your return period.


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Try a factory reset, and if that doesn't work try leaving it on for a few hours. If neither of them sort it then I'd return it.

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