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A few weeks ago I upgraded my BT voyager line to a BT Total broadband line. Shortly after that I sometimes had a problem where I couldnt connect to any websites, I tried multiple websites and 3 different browsers.

My internet was still up, as I was talking to a friend over Ventrilo(VoIP program), he said to me that it was probably the port that browsers and things like that use, as games and ventrilo didnt use them. I ran a virus scan, deleted the last year of files in the 'temp' folder and it still didnt work.

So I turned of my PC(with the new router) and tried again, it worked so I was happy. It continued to happen sometimes but I just kept rebooting my PC and router.

Now, the reason I am posting is the situation has gotten much worse, I recently moved house, but I took my old phone line and internet connection with me.

Now I don't get 'blocked' as much, however I do have constant lag on the browser port.

I play games and sit on ventrilo fine, normal ping.

I try using youtube for example, my ping shoots up to 5000, my download speed is 5kb/s (its meant to be 129)

This lag also affects my games and ventrilo, even if it didnt, its damn annoying trying to surf the web when each page takes about 20 seconds to load.

Thinking it might be the router, I switched back to my old one, it didnt work any better.

So either its this new Broadband line, or something is wrong with my PC.

I`m asking here, how to find out if it is my PC, where do I look?

If its not my PC, is there anyway to find the problem on the line, to show BT. I phoned them and they said they couldnt see a problem.

Any help is appreciated.

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