very poor resolution. help!


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I have been having trouble setting up my new Dell Inspiron 580 with my Samsung LE37R88 HDTV

I have until recently been using an old HP desktop, connected via a VGI cable. There were no issues and the picture looked good enough.

Now, the new Dell comes with a HDMI via the ATI Radion HD 5450 card.

I just CANNOT get a decent picture at all, the native resolution shows as a lowly 1280 x 720, if i increase this, the text is too small, but at this resolution all text is very "blurred"
I have tried playing with settings on both PC and TV to no avail.

For some reason though, the VGI picture seems slightly better although with this connection i cant get the screen to fit correctly.

can anyone offer me suggestions please!?


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thats loads better thanks,

quick question, i understood that i could also only use my xbox360 in port 2.. do you think i will have to swap cables each time or is there a work around?
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