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For quite some time, I have been having issues with my internet connection in my house. The ISP I am with is TalkTalk, and there is no Fibre Optic packages available in my area. However it's mainly performance issues that I am having with the internet, and it has just recently started being very tempremental.

My internet connection speed according to "" is 6.2Mbps download and 0.85Mbps upload. My router's "line statistics" tell me that I get 7.6Mbps download and 0.92Mbps upload (I decided to go by my routers "line statistics" because this is more likely more acurate).

The Router I am using is a TP-Link which I purchased to replace a dodgy HUAWEI router. However, I am not having any issues with Wi-Fi, it's the actual internet connection. My laptop is connected via Wi-Fi, however non of these internet connection issues occur when connected to anybody elses Wi-Fi. I believe it is something to do with my internet connection itself.

The Issue

The problems that I am having with my internet connection is for sometime, the connection works fine (I can stream YouTube 1080p @ 60fps without any issues). However from time to time, I will try to load up another YouTube video and it just won't buffer or load. I try changing the quality, reloading the page, reconnecting my Wi-Fi, ...nothing! Other people in the household have issues connecting their Android and iOS devices to the internet as well and any online gaming can get disconnected or servers loss. This issues occurred on both the new and old Wi-Fi routers. I tried changing Wi-Fi channel and everything (1, 6, 11) so I know it isn't a Wi-Fi issue that I am having, I know it's an ISP related issue I believe.

My internet speed also drops to 3.6Mbps or even 1.2Mbps.

Sometimes these issues can be cured by going and resetting the router, however most of the time this doesn't cure it. I know that a 7.6Mbps connection should not perform like this, very poor infact.

I do have my router connected through a microfilter through the master socket as well.

Does anybody have any idea what is wrong with my internet connection or if there is a solution?
(This is very frustrating)


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7.6Mbps soon disappears when shared between a few devices at home. When you say the speed drops to 3.6 or 1.2Mbps I suspect that's due to other people using it in the household. When you notice it's slow you could quickly get everyone in the household to turn off their devices and test a single wired device to see whether the bandwidth is there or not. If they have mobile devices and good data packages you could take them off the wifi and get them to use their mobile data instead to relieve the strain.

Youtube often has problems not necessarily due to your speeds but also the amount of people all accessing it from your ISP in your area. This can be especially noticeable at peek evening and weekend times.

Seeing as you've swapped the router over already I suspect the issue is simply the speed of your line. Unfortunately 7.6Mbps connection is not that great in this day and age of streaming video services and gaming.

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