Very pleased wih Samsung 40R73BD


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Just thought I'd mention my thoughts on this set as there's been a few discussions lately regarding what set to go for around the £1000 price range and this model has come up a few times. I'd already mentioned on here that I'd been looking at this set or the Panny PX60. Well I decided to go for this one as I just didn't want to risk the purple snake syndrome. I have to say that I'm very pleased with my choice. I can't comment on Freeview as we haven't got an aerial in the back room as we only bought this for DVD's and Xbox 360 games.
Ok I have to say on putting it on at first I did get a bit nervy as the factory settings aren't great especially the Dynamic mode but with a mess about in Custom mode I soon began to relax. I have to say that I'm pretty sure as the night wore on the picture seemed to settle down and get better (or maybe I was just imagining it). I'm really fussy about these things but in the end I was a really happy chappy. I use a Cambridge Audio upscaling DVD player through HDMI and using that there were certain scenes in Star Wars 2 that almost looked High Definition. I still haven't got my final setting as I've just been too busy throwing DVD's in to test. Admittedly when watching The Office, certain scenes are looking a bit harsh at the moment but I'm sure that is down to too much contrast or sharpness. I have started another thread asking for some setting suggestions so if anyone wants to help there, then please do. So overall I am very happy with DVD's on this set and I have to say it does deffinately feel like a step up from my LG plasma (albeit that had a lower resolution).
My brother in law came round with his Xbox 360 (wife won't let me have mine until Xmas!!). I bought a vga cable as I'd heard it can be set onto the TV's resloution through this. Well all I can say is pop the set onto Gaming mode, sit back and be blown away, what an amazing picture. I was already excited enough about my forthcoming Xbox 360 playing but now the excitement has doubled. If you want a set for gaming then you will not be dissapointed.
Ok so I can't comment on the other sets that are being mentioned on this forum when people are asking what to go for as I haven't seen them in operation. But what I can say is I am very happy with this one and I'm very glad we settled on this. I'm pretty sure that once I have my final settings sorted I'll be even happier and so on that I can fully recomend the Samsung for anyone who is still wondering what to buy.


Nice1 mate, I'm literally in EXACTLY the same situation as you. Bought the 32 inch version for 360 and DVDs, no freeview. My GF won't let me have my 360 until Christmas either!

Its all boxed so I can't decide whether to open it up and check it out or not. Are these bad boys known for any faults or anything? Because I'd rather save the initial impact of seeing the TV for Christmas day! On the other hand I wanna be sure its gonna work, hmmm...


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im loving mine too :D i just recently got that xbox360/Pioneer 5.1 system for use with the 360 and the telly (which the sound is a little weedy) from play for £150 and its tied everything up nicely, also you get burnout revenge and need for speed most wanted for free when you buy it from play :cool:

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