Very odd PS3 slim / HDMI issue....


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Hi all, ive searched through the forums to try and find my answer but still cannot find anyone with an identical problem or fix.

From the start.... I had a PS3 60Gb connected to my Sony Bravia KDL-40V4000, all happy, bit of a mission getting the HDMI cable to work but it eventually did and had 6 months of happy gaming. Anyway, laser decides to give up on the PS3 so fitted a new one, since then been unable to get the HDMI to work. I thought at this time I could be better off selling the PS3 and buying a Slim knowing hoping that the Bravia sync would make it work.

Anyway, sold the PS3 60Gb, bought a new 120gb slim tonight, connected up and still the same thing!!!! This is the weird bit though, the Bravia sync function detects the PS3 and when powering the PS3 on (with scart cable and HDMI cable in) it detects that a HDMI cable is present and asks if I want to switch. However I cant seem to get it to appear on the screen. I've tried literally everything, flicking the screen to HMDI 1 (and 2!) when its picking it up, unplugging the scart, turning all the setting off on the TV (default settings), powering all off, various combinations etc etc. The only thing I havent tried is replacing the HDMI cable (is a Monster cable which I was ripped off with in Comet when I got the TV). I presumed that as Bravia Sync picks it up the cable is ok?

Any other ideas, its getting very frustrating!



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Sorry if you've tried this but you didn't directly state that you had so thought I'd suggest it.

Maybe the PS3 is set to a resolution the TV cant handle? Try lowering the res in picture settings


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FRom standby press and hold the power button, 'til the image flicks in. the PS3 has seperate video modes for both HDMI and RGB... So make sure it's connected via HDMI only

This is almost certainly what the issue is as people don't read instruction manuals
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