very odd glitch - DAVS880 or monsters inc problem



Have had a very odd thing happen. Not sure if its a hardware or disc problem.

At Chapter 29 - 1 hr 14 mins and 30 secs of the widescreen R2 edition of Monsters inc both the sound and video stuttered for about 10 secs or so yesterday. When you rewound it and played it again - it got worse and lasted longer. If you stopped the disc and gave it a clean it made no difference. If you turned the player off then played the section in question it would happen again, again progressively worsening the more times you played it.

Today I've played the section again and the glitches have disappeared - no problems at all now!!!

Anyone have an idea of what might have caused this???? Is it the disc or player??


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Don't worry it is not your player, this is a known problem on a lot of the discs, I had it and also the extras disc was a pain and only worked every now and again. Swapped the disc for a new one and no problems:)


Thanks for the reply. Its very reassuring. I just have to find the receipt for the darn DVD!!



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