VERY loud buzz through rear KEF speakers, and a Tag amp question, help?!


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Hello all.

Firstly, my set up is as follows (what's relevant to the issue)

Tag Mclaren 700/7R.
Audiolab 8000m x2 (one currently needing repair)
Kef KHT5005 rears (I think that's the model...)
Tag AV32R processor.
Tag CD20r.
Mission 752 Freedom.

Recently I my rear speakers suddenly started buzzing. Not a quiet hum, a buzz which could be heard throughout the entire house!
I quickly qualified that it is not the speakers at fault, by wiring up a surplus Denon speaker to the same result.

These are hardwired, and the cable runs under a solid wooden floor.

As mentioned at the beginning of the post one of my 8000m's is faulty (read dead!) awaiting repair. This meant that one of my front speakers wasn't making a sound. Easy I thought, removing the L/R speaker cables in to the 700/7R L/R input.

After ballsing up part of the rewiring I called Nottingham hi-fi, who quickly corrected my mistake, so then I asked about the buzz.

He advised me that the 700/7R is at fault, and it sounds like it may soon have catastrophic failure if not looked at (Audiolab will still service them, he says)

This leaves me with the following questions, if any of you are in a better position than I knowledge wise.

1) What may need looking at/fixing/replacing in the 700/7R, and could it be ruinous money?
2) Firing it up it does sound great. It's been 6 months since one of the 8000m's failed, so my memory is failing me RE how good it sounds against these. Is it worth repairing the 8000m AS WELL as the 700/7R, IE to get greater performance, or will the 700/7R be just as capable with the 752's, in the real world. This would then allow me to sell the two 8000m's, to hopefully offset the work needed on the 700.

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance!


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Hi, to I presume a mod. I've just noticed the adblock rule, so have disabled this extension for these pages.


If you use ad blocking then there is a restriction on how you can use the Forum. You will not be able to use the classifieds or enter competitions. We ask that members do not use them as the Forum is free to all and any income to run the Forum comes from advertising.


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Fully appreciate this Gibbsy, hence turning it off for these pages. Is my original post now visible, and are members able to reply to it?


Your posts will be visible and members can reply. If you can see your original post then so can they.

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