Very high power usage [Task manager]


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So, lately when I'm playing some CSGO I'm getting low fps compare to past.
when I watching Task manager it says CPU about 60% and GPU about 22% and it says very high power usage... I checked CPU temp and it about 42 C while playing CSGO.
Does anyone know what is the problem and what can I replace/do to get more FPS?
I have I5 6400 and gtx 960 4gb.


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What is it in task manager that says very high power usage?

If it's the CPU then they do have a power limiter but if it's set correctly it shouldn't be triggering at all for an old game like that, it's more for the demanding workloads that use AVX.

I'm not an expert on CPU tweaking but Intel generally does allow these sorts of values to be set lower on non k-suffix CPUs so it may have gotten set to a lower power target somehow, especially if you've updated your BIOS or installed any tweaking programs lately. The terminology used to be power target but I'm not sure if that's correct for your skylake-era CPU.

Windows also offers a maximum CPU power setting in the power plan options.
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