Very Flexible Optical Cable or Right Angle adaptor help please


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May 22, 2003
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I have just wall mounted my LG TV and SONOS Playbar, with all 'boxes' contained in the cupboard under the stairs behind and wired through. However, I am having a lot of difficulty connecting the TV and Playbar.
The tv is very close to the wall and the optical socket causes the plug and cable to stick out a long way and colide with the wall.
As the Playbar is now mounted in a different orientation than whe it was sat on a tv stand, the Optical socket is pointing downwards and it's very difficult to have the optical lead plugged in and sent through the wall without being visible below the bar.

Can anyone recommend a good, flexible cable that could take the bend or a good quality right angled adaptor thst could do the job. I bought an adaptor from Amazon, but the fit into the playbar was very loose and socket snapped off when I inserted the cable into it!

Any help or advice gratefully received

If its all wall mounted could you make some space for the cables by channeling the wall behind slightly?
Hi Jamie,

I can do that for the TV, should work ok, but the playbar's socket now points downwards and you can see a loop of Optical cable underneath.

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